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Founded in 2017, AW DESIGN studio is specialized in footwear design and development. After more than 10 years of experience working with some of the world’s most renowned brands, Adrien Wira puts at your disposal his expertise and experience, and offers a wide range of creative solutions, consulting,sourcing, innovations, development and manufacturing solutions.

After a few years at the University, studying English, Literature and Art, Adrien Wira starts his Design studies in Paris in 2004, joining the Product Design section at Créapole – School of creation and management. After a Master in Design and several experiences in agencies in Paris as an intern, he joins the Adidas kids Team as a footwear Designer in 2008.

As Art and Design have always been a passion, he continues, beside his main activity as a freelance footwear designer, to produce artworks, prints and graffiti for exhibitions. He keeps on exploring the different horizons of creation such as vehicles, character design, matte painting, Digital graphics, 3D creations, Artificial Intelligence, furniture design,  and more…



AW DESIGN Sarl – Freelance Footwear Designer & Consultant since 2017

Owner @Sole_Architects since 2019

2021 – LUXEMBOURG ART WEEK ( Art Fair )


2013 > 2017 Adidas Footwear Designer – BU Running / Training

2008 > 2013 Adidas Footwear Designer – BU Kids

2013 Freelance Graphic design for 3Sixty Industries

2008 Freelance Graphic design for Davidson & Associates

2012 Art Exhibition @ SixthFloor / Luxembourg

2011 Art Exhibition @ Except Concept store / Metz France

2009 Art Exhibition @ Kjub / Luxembourg

2008 Art Exhibition @ Toys’N Noise / Strasbourg

2007 Sept – Dec Internship @ Adidas Performance – Footwear Design Kids

2006 July – Sept Internship @ Ateliers Dinand – HDM design Lab – Paris

2006 Jan – Feb Internship @ Carrafont – Mock-up Agency – Paris

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115 A rue Emile Mark

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